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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Peplum Problems?

I know, they're cute as a button, but who wants to wear a button? Before assuming anyone can wear peplum skirts or jackets, take something into consideration: proportion. This design works perfectly on bigger chested, no hipped women (making you appear to have curves down there). Flat chested, bigger hipped women stay away: DANGER ZONE AHEAD! If your curves are lacking everywhere, enjoy the Peplum trend till your blue in the face, it'll make you look bootylicious. If your curvy everywhere, eh eh (rocking her pointer finger back and forth), just look from a distance.
It's a great detail to a boring dress, but make sure you know you can wear it!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Walking Disco Balls

Stop it please. I can hardly stop staring at this collection with all it's kaleidoscope colors and disco ball prints and textures. I say, who cares how wearable this is for the everyday woman, it's gorgeous. My plump silhouette would just stare at these pieces in my closet making me happy just to own them. The metallic organzas, bold paillettes (big round sequins if you will), hand painted squares of python make this by far my favorite collection for Spring 2012. Manish Arora for Paco Rabanne has inspired me to throw a disco party (ABBA playing in the background).

Monday, October 17, 2011

C of Wonder

Simon Fashion Now at Roosevelt Field showed us several new retailers at fabulous price points. My favorite: C Wonder. Think J Crew meets Kate Spade meets Anthropolgie with a price tag similar to H&M. This store has everything [clothes, accessories, jewelry, shoes, housewares in adorable prints and colors] all nestled into a super creative and aesthetically pleasing space.

Check out the girls backstage in some of my favorite pieces from the show!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Breath Of Fresh Air

Calling all New Yorkers!!!! Joe Fresh is making it's way to the US. Not familiar? You will be soon, since their price points are comparable to H&M and styles similar with Anthropologie and J.Crew, who would want to miss that? The three pieces below, available at, are all under $80.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mission: Transition

At the request of a very talented Fashion Show Producer, and in honor of the 73 degree weather in Boston, Consider this your inside scoop on transitional dressing.
The Three Key Items According to Ali: the silk blouse, the leather vest and the suede boot[ie] (in my efforts to pack one suitcase for two months, these are all nestled in)

Silk blouses look fab with the sleeves rolled up, and in a winter shade like navy or deep red it's the perfect layering piece. They breathe well and fall so nicely on the body.

The leather vest is perfect over a sleeveless or short sleeved t shirt. While still maintaining the Fall look, its a hip way to layer and stay cool (adjective and temperature).

The suede boot[ie] can be thrown on with a short skirt, wool shorts, denim cut offs....the world is your oyster with the boots, just wear Fall colors and no Spring fabrics.

More options: wool pants with t shirts, short skirts with long sleeves, and sleeveless dresses that you can add tights to when the weather chills.
The key is try to mix a very Fall item, in relevant Fall colors (suede shoes, leather, wool) with a piece that keeps you cool.

This blog dedicated to those who live in two season weather. Fear not sweet Texans, Floridians, and Cajuns, you can be in style AND be cool.