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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Excess Access

This season has been all about accessories, I get it. But what ever happened to "less is more?" I often see women wearing to many different styles of accessories with an already over the top outfit on. If your blouse is a halter, and ties in the back, try to wear a bigger earring, and steer clear of any kind of neck ornamentation. If you are wearing strapless, try several necklace in different lengths, and no earrings. I like to buy fun quirky necklace and and pair them with a black tube top and baggy jeans with a shoe that pops. On the other hand, my other favorite look is a low cut, or wrap top that shows a bit of skin with no necklace. This is where less is more. Pair this with some stud earrings, and that is your sexiest accessory; your skin. In the event that you are wearing a shirt with sequins and or beads, try a simple hoop earring. A good investment that will never go out of style is a pair of sterling silver hoops, and a pair of solid gold hoops. Pair hoop earrings with any bracelet(s), they will go with any color and style. As for belts and shoes, I love them to match. When I buy a pair of shoes, I typically buy a belt to match every pair. So, throw on the white button up blouse (tucked in), your favorite jeans, and the belt/shoe combo, and voila! Quick and effortless, and ALWAYS in style.


  1. i love reading your blog- update it more because i need help!

    Lovin the beautiful picture also!!