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Monday, July 6, 2009

Lengthy Conversation

The length of the bottoms you wear can make all the difference in flattery, especially if you are short. Not wanting to show legs doesn't mean you wear the "Capri Pant" all summer long. In fact, ask my mother, I am Anti-Capri on anyone unless you are 5'7" and taller. So your short and you hate your thighs? First off, take a number, then go get yourself a pair of walking shorts. If they hit you right below your knee where your leg is it's skinniest, its going to make you look your skinniest. The key is to always have your pants, skirts, shorts, hit you at the smaller parts of your leg. If you do decide on a shorter pant, have them hit you at your ankle, NOT your calf. Never, never, never buy a skirt or dress that hits you at the calf! Now for some of you, including myself, this might mean you have to get things altered to hit you at the appropriate spot! Its worth the money, and typically no more than $20 to hem a length. Learning to do this yourself could save you money too! The cherry on the sundae for looking your tallest and leanest: the highest heels you can find! (As suggested at the end of every blog).

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