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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Goal: Look Hotter than the Girl Next to You.

You have a lot of Christmas parties coming up, and tis the season to dress up more than usual. Don't go buy new clothes, we're in a recession after all. I usually tell my clients that each season, stick with the accessories that are in each season. Its much more affordable, and makes sense for those who just wanna be in style the easy way.
Here's a quick go to for a holiday party. Try a black turtleneck under a crisp white blouse. You can roll the sleeves up or just keep them down, either way is stylish. Then throw on any black or colored skirt you have. Could be pencil, bell, short, knee-length...the sky is the limit because its the accessories that are going to put the spin on this look. This is what you go buy: dot net pantyhose (just a black pantyhose with dots on them: think old school), and a feather brooch (J. Crew and Nordstroms have a million styles). Instant adorable-ness!
More accessories to purchase for holiday jazz: layers of gold chain necklaces, metallic nail polish, bangle bracelets galore, feathers for hair, lots of rhinestones and colored pantyhose.
The goal is to look hotter than the girl standing next to you. Wear red lipstick whenever possible, and always always wear high heels.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

How To Get A Husband

Just kidding!! I don't have the first clue how to get a husband, but I do know fashion. In honor of all of the old black and white movies I have watched lately, I have been dressing like I am off to coffee with Marilyn, and then to dinner with Carey Grant. And why not? It makes me feel sexy and confident. I rarely throw on a pair of flip flops or tennis shoes, hair tossled in a rubber band struggling to hang on by the clump we know as a bun. Never have. It takes just the same amount of time to throw on a cotton dress, tall riding boots and a scarf, cute beret and a pair of hoop earrings than it does ratty old sweats, t shirts, hoodie and beanie. Now, I am not saying there isn't something casually sexy about jeans and a t-shirt. Don't turn this topic around on me. In the days of Marilyn Monroe and Jane Mansfield, a dress and heels were in order everyday. No wonder men were chasing after them as fast as they could make a wardrobe change to jet off to cocktails.

I often have clients who say, "But where will I ever wear this?", or "I don't have ANYWHERE to wear this." I say, why not throw this on to have a sweet meal with your man, or why not go grocery shopping in it (always cute guys in the produce department), or meet a girlfriend for a quick lunch (you might sit next to Gerard Butler)? One thing my mother always taught me was to get dressed up to go shopping. Doing your hair and makeup will always make you feel better when trying on new clothes. Not to mention all those times you've run into someone important, or an ex-boyfriend looking like you just rolled out of bed still wearing your makeup from last night. You never know who you are going to run into at any given point, so dress up!
Invest in a jacket that can also be worn as a dress, and some lace or leather gloves. If you can't wear tall heels, try. Okay, I know if your chasing a 3 year around, its just not practical ( I don't know, but I hear). Try a tall flat boot or a ballet flat. The point is to dress up your everyday look a little bit. If you are going to wear that t-shirt and jeans, throw on some boots, and necklaces paired with a long scarf and sunglasses. On a side note: I always have a pair of neutral heels, and an emergency kit (makeup, deodorant, brush, samples of perfume, etc....) in my car just in case I get an opportunity to go somewhere and need to get jazzed up quickly. And that, my friends, is a true story. Get inspired by pulling out all those pieces in the back of your closet that you say you never have anywhere to wear. Play dress up while your man is watching football.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Male Man

Alright guys, you've been asking for too long, and with Fall here, I blogged just for you. I've been styling for men actually longer than I have for women. Now that i am on the Fall tour for Simon Fashion Now, I have been styling looks for men just as much as the ladies this Fall, so I am inspired to inspire you.
My favorite casual look: Try a dark straight legged denim (not skinny), black button up tucked in, v-neck sweater over it and in a bright color (try the bright green Club Monaco has right now), and a black tie. Casual enough for dinner, but dressy enough for an interview in the creative industry, or a casting. For the most daring men in fashion swap out the tie for a bow tie.
My favorite Business option: Try a slim fitting suit like Banana Republic is showing off. Try a navy suit with a pop of red, bright green, or black underneath. For example (cause I know I need to break it down), try a navy suit, black button up, dark green sweater vest, navy and black combo tie and a print pocket square with perhaps a little green in it. ALWAYS wear a pocket square. If that sounds too risky, try a black sweater vest instead of the green.
What not to wear? No more denim jeans with a lot of embroidery or ANY embellishments, no more roach killer shoes (toe so pointy, they fit in the corner of a wall), and please please please no more graphic t-shirts. Instead, try American Apparel brand plain t-shirts, and denim from stores like Gap and Club Monaco. For a shoe option, try a lace up boot in a camel or brown color.
Tip of the season: Mix your browns and blacks with bright colors. Let your ladies read this blog, give them the credit card and let them do the shopping.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Haute Transitions

Okay, I get it. How can we be so fired up about Fall fashion when its 102 degrees outside? We can get away with more in Southern California because of temperature in the evening, but this blog is for all my Southern Coastal peeps (Texas). Try this; pick your favorite cotton dress and add a scarf around the neck then add a pair of boots, long or short. Done. Now try fishnet hose, a mini skirt and a tank, add a bootie and a light jacket. The hose are breathable and the skirt is too. If you decide, lose the jacket all together, add layers of necklaces and a beret, fedora hat, headband or feathers in your hair. Call attention to your Fall accessories, which are typically all I suggest to buy for each season anyway. Just keep in mind the key pieces like mini skirts, leggings, and accessories.
Just don't sweat to death trying to look cute (although it never killed me:) And remember, the higher the heel, the better.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


With this being the third Fall/Winter season you can wear booties and still be in style, let's discuss different ways to wear them. It's a striking versatile way to be "in" for those of you who don't care to be (gasp)!

Anyone can get away with some sort of bootie, no matter height or shape and here's how. If you are a Super Model (half of my blog readers) wear anything you want, and you might want to always disregard this blog. If you are short and curvy, try a bootie that is low cut on the foot, meaning not as high on the ankle. Christian Louboutin and Steve Madden ALWAYS has this style. When the bootie stops at the ankle or higher, it makes you look shorter (see picture of black bootie vs. leopard).

To change up the way you wore them last Fall, try them with shorter skirts, and solid or lace tights. Pencil skirts are great if you are tall, but not if you are short. The tights, booties and knee length skirts makes for a very "bottom heavy" look, as discussed in previous blogs. Anna Sui for Target has great short skirt options this season, along with American Apparel and H&M. For more lean and taller women, try booties with a cropped pant, and perhaps one with pleats. For a more playful look, try a short skirt with lace socks scrunched down with booties. For the cutest in lace socks, try Betsey Johnson or Wild Ones Boutique. For the more rocker look, try those booties with black tights, your denim cut-offs, and a leather bomber jacket. That's gonna be my staple stylo coming soon.

If you don't own booties yet, black or brown in the obvious choice, but for a bolder statement try royal blue, purple or leopard. The royal blue suede booties from Aldo will be my travel companion for the Fall tour of Simon fashion Now!

Go forth and conquer, and post pics of your bootie look on my I heart Clothes Facebook page!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Falling For It

The countdown begins. I know what your thinking, it's too dang hot to think about Fall, but it's lurking. Stop buying Spring/Summer clothes now and pre shop for Fall/Winter.

Trend: Leather.

Invest in a good pair of leather pants or a leather skirt. I have a pair of Burgundy leather pants that I still wear every Winter, and I bought them in college. Pair them with a white tee or ultra feminine, sheer blouse, and you are instantly cool. Keep in mind that when you do wear leather bottoms, DO NOT pair them with a leather jacket. Try a knit wrap or wool jacket. Another thing to keep in mind is that leather pants will stretch one full size after a couple of wears, so buy them a little tighter than you usually would.

If you chose to purchase the skirt, don't wear them with boots, or booties. The skirt and the boots combo can make the average person look bottom heavy. Opt for a heel (ultra high), and a little more feminine. Again, combine this with a white tee, black tee or ultra feminine blouse, tucked in.

Places to shop for this look: Wilson's leather always has the best selection of leather pants and are really affordable. You should also try upscale resale shops and vintage boutiques. For the tee and feminine blouse options, Zara has more than enough options, and at all price ranges.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Lengthy Conversation

The length of the bottoms you wear can make all the difference in flattery, especially if you are short. Not wanting to show legs doesn't mean you wear the "Capri Pant" all summer long. In fact, ask my mother, I am Anti-Capri on anyone unless you are 5'7" and taller. So your short and you hate your thighs? First off, take a number, then go get yourself a pair of walking shorts. If they hit you right below your knee where your leg is it's skinniest, its going to make you look your skinniest. The key is to always have your pants, skirts, shorts, hit you at the smaller parts of your leg. If you do decide on a shorter pant, have them hit you at your ankle, NOT your calf. Never, never, never buy a skirt or dress that hits you at the calf! Now for some of you, including myself, this might mean you have to get things altered to hit you at the appropriate spot! Its worth the money, and typically no more than $20 to hem a length. Learning to do this yourself could save you money too! The cherry on the sundae for looking your tallest and leanest: the highest heels you can find! (As suggested at the end of every blog).

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Excess Access

This season has been all about accessories, I get it. But what ever happened to "less is more?" I often see women wearing to many different styles of accessories with an already over the top outfit on. If your blouse is a halter, and ties in the back, try to wear a bigger earring, and steer clear of any kind of neck ornamentation. If you are wearing strapless, try several necklace in different lengths, and no earrings. I like to buy fun quirky necklace and and pair them with a black tube top and baggy jeans with a shoe that pops. On the other hand, my other favorite look is a low cut, or wrap top that shows a bit of skin with no necklace. This is where less is more. Pair this with some stud earrings, and that is your sexiest accessory; your skin. In the event that you are wearing a shirt with sequins and or beads, try a simple hoop earring. A good investment that will never go out of style is a pair of sterling silver hoops, and a pair of solid gold hoops. Pair hoop earrings with any bracelet(s), they will go with any color and style. As for belts and shoes, I love them to match. When I buy a pair of shoes, I typically buy a belt to match every pair. So, throw on the white button up blouse (tucked in), your favorite jeans, and the belt/shoe combo, and voila! Quick and effortless, and ALWAYS in style.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kit and Kaboodle

I am sure your medicine cabinet is full right? Tylenol, band-aids, common things to cure what ales you. I actually don't have anything in medicine cabinet, but rest assured I have black safety pins and hem glue in a tool box in my closet. Just think of a styling kit as important as your "first aid kit" for your fashion disasters. Get a large pencil box, put these items in it, and keep it in your closet.

TOP 10
1. Needles and assorted threat colors: This is the most important thing to keep in your kit.

2. Safety pins in assorted sizes: In case you don't have time to sew on a button and need a quick fix.

3. Top Stick: This is wig tape (stylist's trick), you can get this at Sally's Beauty Supply and nothing else beats its stickiness, NOTHING! This is also useful to put on the back of a shoe strap that doesn't want to stay on your heel (sling backs).

4. Lint Roller: Very important for black fabric and wools.

5. Lint Shaver: For your winter sweaters that start to pill

6. Fabric glue: Good for gluing on embellishments that fall off. Do not use for hems, it will harm the fabric.

7. Stitch Witchery: This is for quick hems. It requires an iron, but is a strong hold for any fabric.

8. Dryer sheets: I prefer to use these for static. I find that Static Guard gets clogged easily, and the dryer sheets store easier for on the go.

9. Shout Wipes: Don't be confused, this will not take the stain out instantly but it does help to take the stain out permanently. I prefer these as opposed to the Tide stick because it dries out very quickly.

10. Piece of foam: The best way to get deodorant off of garments. Never use a wet washcloth, it could make it worse. There is also a product called "Miss Oops" made especially for this problem. But, for a cheaper option, you can find sponge at any craft store.

It would also be a good idea to find a shoe repair place near your home. I make frequent visits to mine every season to get taps replaced, suede boots cleaned, and leather polished. Find a dry cleaner that you trust, and remember that most of them do minor alterations. For major alterations, look up small independent seamstresses, they are cheaper.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Let's discuss the Trouser Jean. Its a great alternate to your skinny jean, and can be transitioned in the fall this year. If you are curvy, try to find a waistline that hits you at your natural waist (the smallest part). My problem with this style of jeans is that the pockets stick out and bring quite a bit of unwanted attention to my hips. My solution: sew the pockets down. They lay flat and are much more flattering. Because the trouser jean had a bit of a boxy shape, the length is key. It is absolutely necessary to wash and dry the jean before you alter them. Put on the highest heel that you would wear with this jean, (for the Spring try a really high wedge) and hem them to lightly dust the ground. By altering them long, they elongate your legs, making you look long and lean no matter what your shape. Since the trouser jean had a wide bottom, it will swing to show your shoe, don't worry. Do not wear this jean with a flats. I actually NEVER recommend flats!


Thursday, June 4, 2009


This season, a lot of designers have long tunic blouses in their collections.  I love the fabrics and the detail in the blouses, but I am short and can't pull of that tunic length.  When I try to wear them with shorts, it looks like I have no bottoms on.  This spring, I have tucked in almost every blouse I have been wearing.  My favorite look:  cut off denim shorts (baggy) with a crisp white blouse (sleeves rolled up), nude bra underneath and a chunky necklace.  Easy and sexy.  Make sure you dump out the black bra underneath the white blouse this season....too 5 years ago.  

Be sure to check the blog weekly for more style ideas.