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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Haute Transitions

Okay, I get it. How can we be so fired up about Fall fashion when its 102 degrees outside? We can get away with more in Southern California because of temperature in the evening, but this blog is for all my Southern Coastal peeps (Texas). Try this; pick your favorite cotton dress and add a scarf around the neck then add a pair of boots, long or short. Done. Now try fishnet hose, a mini skirt and a tank, add a bootie and a light jacket. The hose are breathable and the skirt is too. If you decide, lose the jacket all together, add layers of necklaces and a beret, fedora hat, headband or feathers in your hair. Call attention to your Fall accessories, which are typically all I suggest to buy for each season anyway. Just keep in mind the key pieces like mini skirts, leggings, and accessories.
Just don't sweat to death trying to look cute (although it never killed me:) And remember, the higher the heel, the better.


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