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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Male Man

Alright guys, you've been asking for too long, and with Fall here, I blogged just for you. I've been styling for men actually longer than I have for women. Now that i am on the Fall tour for Simon Fashion Now, I have been styling looks for men just as much as the ladies this Fall, so I am inspired to inspire you.
My favorite casual look: Try a dark straight legged denim (not skinny), black button up tucked in, v-neck sweater over it and in a bright color (try the bright green Club Monaco has right now), and a black tie. Casual enough for dinner, but dressy enough for an interview in the creative industry, or a casting. For the most daring men in fashion swap out the tie for a bow tie.
My favorite Business option: Try a slim fitting suit like Banana Republic is showing off. Try a navy suit with a pop of red, bright green, or black underneath. For example (cause I know I need to break it down), try a navy suit, black button up, dark green sweater vest, navy and black combo tie and a print pocket square with perhaps a little green in it. ALWAYS wear a pocket square. If that sounds too risky, try a black sweater vest instead of the green.
What not to wear? No more denim jeans with a lot of embroidery or ANY embellishments, no more roach killer shoes (toe so pointy, they fit in the corner of a wall), and please please please no more graphic t-shirts. Instead, try American Apparel brand plain t-shirts, and denim from stores like Gap and Club Monaco. For a shoe option, try a lace up boot in a camel or brown color.
Tip of the season: Mix your browns and blacks with bright colors. Let your ladies read this blog, give them the credit card and let them do the shopping.


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