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Monday, May 17, 2010

Pre-Mature Fall

Every month I read Vogue, Bazaar and Lucky followed by my daily dose of WWD. In fact, my coffee table has recently been replaced with a stack of slain trees for the sake of fashion. With every month getting closer to Fall (don't gasp, I know it's only May), I see why so many of my clients seem confused by trends. They are coming and going so fast that by the time most people get used to the idea of an off the wall trend, its already out of style. If you look in the back of Bazaar Magazine this month, it will tell you that Neon's are "out", but in March, they were "so in". Ahhhhhhhhh. Don't panic ladies, we are all in the same boat floating around in the fog of Trend Lake. What's the solution? I don't have one, i just encourage you not to load up on too many trends each season and keep up as best as you can. Think ahead. Pre-Fall is already in stores (shocking, but is always in stores by mid May), so start getting used to trends that your are not sure about NOW! Not to mention, you might be tired of the ones you thought you loved by the time its weather permitable to wear them.

Pre shop online, Prepare your budget, and Preserve novelty itms for seasons to come.


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