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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Conversion Conundrum

It would be so much easier if all of the shoe designers all over the world got together and had one universal sizing chart.....but, that meeting never happened. While hiking with girlfriends who forced me to work harder than I wanted, the topic of European shoe size conversion came up. [I might have said this hike would be easier in high heels, and it escalated from there]. Anyway, the conversion is simple, and it goes a little something like this:

Check the bottom of the shoe to see where it's made [Italy, France, US]. If your shoe size is 8, then your French conversion is 39, while your Italian conversions 38.

Italian made simpler: add a "3" to the front for your Italian size up until the size 10, then it's a "4".
ie: 5(35), 6(36), 7(37), 8(38), 8.5(38.5), 9(39), 10(40)

French made simpler: go up one whole size, THEN add the "3" in front until the size 9 then it's a "4".
ie: 5(36), 6(37), 7(38), 8(39), 8.5(39.5), 9(40), 10(41)

If you are confused as to why you are a 38 in Jimmy Choos, while being a 39 in Loub's, now ya know. [insert fairly large grin].

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