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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The (used to be) Secretive Stylist

I am like the Navy Seal of Stylists.....I'm covert and secretive and I keep all great things to myself.  I find a website or store with my favorite affordable finds, each offering a special something that I adore, and I keep it all to myself.  When someone inquires, "OMG, where did you get that oh so glamorous, very expensive looking belt?"  I then reply in a coy manner, "Oh, you mean this belt (pointing at the one I'm wearing), I couldn't tell ya."

Well, Im gonna tella ya.  

When looking for plain black leather pumps, ones you wear three times a week, I go to Off Broadway.  They have the platform that my tootsies love, and they are real leather which I never compromise with.  I can walk in at any given time and spend no more than $60 on them.  I'm on my 4th pair of the same black pump, and I don't see myself changing the way i wear those puppies out!

Faux fur:  I dont wear it.  But i will wear any animal that looks good with my skin tone.  That being said, I never pay full price for them, and I certainly would never purchase one at a department store.  Where to get them?  Resale and vintage shops in small towns.  I find the mark up in big cities is insane, but smaller suburbs all have resale shop, and it never fails, they always have furs.  I never pay over $65 for ANY fur piece.

Big, chunky jewelry is my best friend.  I recently found a jewelry designer at the flea market who designs for Anthropolgie.  Well, I don't know if that is true or not, but her jewels are so eye catching and magical.    I like the old estate jewels and brooches that are blinding you on a sunny summer day. I have more than a handful of complimentary worth gems.  Now, these pieces you find at the flea market are not always the cheapest, but they are the coolest. I also adore sale jewelry at Chico's.  Their eclectic style leans more towards Bohemian, whats not to love about that?

I'm feeling woosy, am I sharing too much......?  This site gets me giddy and I have it bookmarked on my computer.  While I do not order clothes online, I will order the crud out of shoes, accessories, and panty hose.  This store has the most unique accessories and at the most exciting price point.  Panty hose in all textures, trendy jewelry, Platform wedges, and hats are all things i like to buy here.  Because some trends are so short lived, I don't like to spend a fortune on my favorite ones!

Listen, I know this information may be nothing new to you fashion savvy's, but its helpful to some.  I do save up for those special designer things that I "have" to have.  "Mom, give me three reasons I should buy _______".  She usually gives me three valid, convincing reasons.  It's easier to save for those novelty must haves when you know what NOT to splurge on.

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