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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Savings For Spring

I know some of you are still wearing parka jackets and chaining your tires, but I'm caught up in the 80 degree weather here in Southern California. So, because I write this blog, I win.
For those of you who think that Spring fashion is coming way too soon, remember that these trends were fore cast more than three seasons ago. Plus, since Spring shows the most skin, you might want to know what body parts to get in the best shape.
While you may think that each new season means saving now for a new wardrobe (not detouring you from doing so), there are pieces that you wore and loved in the Fall (and seasons prior) that will transition to Spring. You may be surprised how many things are in your closet already.

* Keep those one shoulder frock dresses and blouses
* Don't dispose of classic white pieces
* Sequins and metallics
* Lots of chunky jewelry including hose ethnic pieces that you picked up on exotic vacations
* Don't rid yourself of the garments with embellishments, like the top with the rocker embellished shoulder pads.
* And finally, keep all of your bright printed pieces.

Mix your white pieces with bright bold prints, and bright shoes. Combine those whites with blacks for easy style, and those one shoulder blouses with sporty suits, and safari style pants. Your harem pants will also transition through spring with plain t-shirts and bright wedges or t-strap sandals.

You can thank me in the Spring when you can spend your money on that Bottega Veneta Croc bag (wink).


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