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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ceiling to Floral

Finally a season where your florals don't care if they are compatible or not, as long as they are together life is good. Mixing patterns has always been my first love, and nothing makes me happier than mixing rose buds with the tulips in whimsical patterns that don't exactly match.

The key to mixing patterns like a pro is color matching. If two or more colors are the common denominator between the two prints, then mix away. Now, there is an exception to every rule in fashion, so try not to look like your garden threw up on you by mixing more than three florals. To give you shape, because we are not all built like Supermodels, add a solid like a denim jeans or a white blouse underneath that floral sweater. For a more subtle Spring look, feel free to wear ONE floral print (boring) But, if you are going to do that, make it a mini dress or a silk blouse. Pair it with a big bright necklace, and floral heels. I guess that is still mixing florals isn't it? :)

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