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Monday, March 12, 2012

Flea-ing the Scene

I like to Flea (I coined it).  I usually go to my favorite little place across the way from it (Lola's on fairfax) to participate in bottomless libations paired with fruit to gain energy.  I stop off at the ATM and pull out exactly my limit, as not to over spend which is easy to do at the flea market.  The stroll across the street is just long enough to gain excitement, just short enough to not lose interest on the way there, as I AM a Gemini.

I walk in and usually gasp every 5 steps at things I wish I needed {deer antlers, chandelier crystals, and assorted animal skins}  However, it's jewelry that I always need, and its just the place to find unique one of a kind new and vintage pieces.  Like the gem below, the real starfish dipped in gold that I bought for $20.

A few helpful tips when flea-ing:

* Take a full walk around the entire market first then come back to the booths you like best.
* Put things on hold if you can, most vendors will let you.
* DO NOT purchase the first thing you fall in love with, some vendors might have the same thing (or similar) for cheap.
*  Haggle a bit, chances are they will always come down $5 or $10.

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