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Friday, March 23, 2012

Packing Heat

My least favorite part of traveling is unpacking.  In fact, sometimes my suitcase stays packed when I get home until I use everything in it. I very much enjoy the packing process, but I know its not easy for everyone.  You pack too much, you pack too little or just plain never bring the right things.  I have it down to a science at this point.  I travel for work mostly, so I always feel it necessary to look stylish as my outfit is my business card.  But, packing for style and practicality can be the hardest part.

 How does she do it?

She DOES her weather research
She DOES find out what the plans for your trip are (no sense in needing a ball gown and not having one)
She DOES pack bottoms and outer wear that she can repeat
She DOES strategically plan her outfits so as not to pack unnecessary items (such as belts or shoes)
She DOES pack one extra outfit
She DOES take pictures so she can remember those outfits
She DOES take a picture of accessories for inventory purposes
She DOES pack a travel steamer and a small styling kit (double stick tape, safety pins, needle and thread, lint remover)
She DOES NOT bring an excess of shoes (they are the heaviest, next to jeans that weight 3 pounds)
She DOES NOT pack a bottle of wine (She learned the hard way)
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No trip planned?  Too bad I don't know a travel agent or I would plug them right about here.

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